Thank You, Payroll Professionals!

Did you know more than half of employed Americans would face financial hardships if they were to miss a single paycheck? This is why payroll professionals are so important to our society.

Payroll professionals are the backbone of our working society – they’re the ones who ensure people are paid correctly and promptly. Without payroll people, processes, and technology, companies would not be able to retain top talent. The reality is payroll professionals don’t often get the recognition they deserve.

But we want to change that.

On August 24, we want payroll professionals everywhere to feel they're a valuable part of their organization. But it doesn’t have to be on any one day, payroll professionals should be honored at a time that makes the most sense to your organization.

Here are some ways you can acknowledge all the hard work of your payroll department:

  1. Celebrate

    Celebrate your payroll people on August 24 or another date that works for you, by putting together a party. It could be as simple as bringing in special treats or a time when the entire company can get together to recognize payroll. This is an excellent time for employees to see your payroll employees face-to-face.
  2. Support

    Support Continuing Education to show how much you value the work of your payroll team and want to see them succeed. You can do this by encouraging them to attend conferences or provide the opportunity to be an active member of the local APA chapter.
  3. Reward

    Reward your payroll department with something that is important to them. This can be as simple as an additional day off, gift cards, or a gift basket. It should be an item that shows how much you care about the hard work of your payroll team.
  4. Honor

    Honor your payroll department by sending an organization-wide email recognizing your payroll employees. This can include an image or even a video. We want to make this as easy as possible for you to accomplish. Simply fill out the form to the side and we’ll send over a custom video, image, and an email to send out. It will take us approximately 2 business days to get it back to you.