How's My HR?

How often do you wonder if you or your HR department is on the right path? With Willory's brand-new product, How's My HR?, takes the guesswork out of evaluating your HR department, policies, and productivity, all at a fraction of a traditional, in-person HR audit. 
Best of all? This was designed to be completed from the privacy of your own computer (wherever that may be). 


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Fast Results

In just about an hour you can assess all major areas of your human resources department and functions. The survey takes on average 45 minutes to complete and the results are delivered to you within five minutes (it takes some time to process the complex calculations present in our proprietary algorithm).



It can be tough for organizations to invite an HR audit expert into their organization -- and is even impossible in the current state of social distancing -- but with How's My HR? you're able to complete the complete audit from the comfort of your own computer (wherever that may be).


Recommendations for Remediation

Most organizations have a very strong grasp of what they need to be doing from an HR perspective, but no HR department is 100% perfect. The included findings report shares practical recommendations on how you can quickly improve your department.


12 Functional Areas

How's My HR? delves into the twelve most impactful functional areas of HR, specifically: talent acquisition, onboarding, compensation, benefits, time and attendance, payroll, talent development and performance, employee engagement, HR compliance, HR systems, and payroll systems.


Incredibly Low Cost - $495

While comparable HR audits and assessments will cost you upwards of $5000+, by digitalizing the process, we're able to offer it to  you for a fraction of that cost. 


Unparalleled HR Expertise

How’s My HR? is the only comprehensive HR assessment on the market today, informed and backed by Willory’s unique and unparalleled HR expertise.

We’re thrilled to announce a new, one-of-a-kind self HR assessment tool for organizations to answer the question: “How’s my HR?” This self HR assessment solution allows organizations to uncover and understand and their vulnerabilities as well as legal exposure(s). Just as importantly, Willory’s “How’s My HR” will show where your organization stands in terms of twelve critical functional areas, and if you are living up to “standard” or “best” practices – or if you’re not in HR compliance at all within the twelve key functional areas of human resources.

This innovative new means for evaluating HR is delivered as an HR assessment that is an online, self-assessment solution for HR departments, big or small.  “How’s My HR?” helps you assess every aspect of your human resources and payroll operations.

How’s MY HR? combines Willory’s unique expertise in HR & payroll operations with a powerful proprietary algorithm developed by our
team to reveal any issues of non-HR-compliance as well as areas 

where Willory’s How’s My HR? was developed specifically for HR executives (HR VP, CHRO, etc.) and company leadership (CFO, Controller, CEO, President, etc.) as a thorough (approximately 45-minute) online assessment where none exists for the HR discipline. Informed and backed by Willory’s unique and unparalleled HR expertise, How’s My HR? is the only comprehensive HR assessment on the market today.

How’s My HR? thorough assessment is more than 175 questions and takes approximately 45-minutes to complete. The extremely thorough self-assessment is designed to ensure any and all vulnerabilities are exposed while providing the data needed for the How’s My HR? report to provide specific and useful, actionable next steps.

Ultimately, How’s My HR? was rooted in our own team’s desire to help HR organizations gain objective, rather than subjective, insights for improvement and compliance.


Find the answer to your question, "How's My HR?" Today!

Don't waste anymore time wondering if your HR department is where it needs to be. In just about an hour you can have the answer to this important questions and a robust findings report determined to provide you with a roadmap to address areas of vulnerability.

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